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Why InCare?

We put you in control

Frustrated by a lack of quality healthcare options? InCare can help.

Through our unique model and partnerships, we offer a completely new healthcare experience. No matter what your business looks like, we can take your benefits – and your care – to the next level.

Tired of trying to function effectively within a broken system?
Looking for high-quality, full-service healthcare solutions?
Want to increase efficiencies and decrease costs?

You’ve come to the right place.

How we work

More choice. Less cost. Better care.

Our innovative system breaks the healthcare mold. By leveraging quality providers and facilities through dedicated administrative partners, direct care relationships, and accurate data, we put the power back in your hands.
The InCare model provides employers and individuals with something they haven’t seen in a while: options that make sense. Imagine having an employee benefits plan that’s affordable, effective, and results in better outcomes. Now you can.
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Develops and manages integrated health benefits program
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Consults with employer to design employee benefits healthcare plan
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Works with broker to implement and communicate employee benefits
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Delivers quality healthcare services directly to employees and their families

What we offer

A plan design that actually works

Fully insured healthcare plans result in unmanageable premiums, lots of gaps and questions, and very little choice. We’ve turned this model upside down, pulling together the critical tools and information you need to reduce the cost of health insurance while providing superior healthcare options for you and your employees. Our solutions include:

Value Based Care

Billing and Administration

Onboarding and Enrollment

Pharmacy Solutions

Medical Concierge

Health Advocacy

Ancillary Benefits


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